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Shmuli Weissler

Director of Outreach

Shmuli Weissler serves as the Director of Outreach at the AZ House in Jerusalem, Israel, overseeing the various projects that the House does for the community. Whether it be PR, fundraising or outreach, Shmuli is fully dedicated to using his skills to help people in recovery. 

Shmuli's strong idealism and beliefs are a huge asset to the AZ House in Jerusalem, Israel. After redirecting a career in business development, Shmuli has proceeded to use everything he learned to help the AZ House reach and help more people. 

In his down time, Shmuli can be seen with his family, friends, and helping people in the Jerusalem recovery community. He also uses his skills to help English speaking people in Israel find jobs and move forward in their promising careers. 

Shmuli's strong connection with the recovery community led him to to grow close to the AZ House in Jerusalem, volunteering for several years before making it his main occupation. 

Shmuli Weissler
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