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Brian Surasky

Brian Surasky is the Assistant Director at the AZ House, where he has been a dedicated member of the team for many years. He originally had a promising career in finance but decided to redirect his career path and devote his talents to helping individuals in recovery. He currently resides in Jerusalem and goes above and beyond expectations at the AZ House.

Brian has a unique ability to build a strong connection with all of the residents, and he continues to maintain these connections even after they move on from the program. He takes an active role in supporting them and is dedicated to ensuring their continued success in recovery. In addition to this, he takes care of the administrative aspects of the program, using his previous skills in finance to ensure that everything runs smoothly. In his free time, Brian is an avid pro football player and also a coach for teenagers in Jerusalem.

Brian's passion for helping others, combined with his skills and experience, make him an essential part of the AZ House team. Without his contributions, the program would not be possible. He is committed to the mission of the program and is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of those in recovery.

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