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Our Mission: Many treatment centers help people to overcome alcoholism and drug addiction. This industry has no monopoly, as the majority of success depends on the residents' commitment and willingness to change.


AZ House is a Jerusalem-based Residential Recovery Program offering residents the chance to live in a community in Israel, develop self-discipline, and become respectful contributors to society, alongside freedom from active addiction. 


Our 12-step-based program allows residents to disconnect and focus solely on their recovery. Our agenda is that the addict and his family need not experience financial destruction while simultaneously dealing with an addiction, which is why every resident receives a full scholarship upon entry to our facility in Jerusalem, Israel. 


To begin with, our residents receive room and board at our facility. Our serious yet encouraging program structure and schedule help residents develop a strong foundation. We see that this opportunity to focus intensely on their recovery serves them for the rest of their lives. The program's second stage guides our residents to develop self-sufficiency and seek employment. Once settled into a job while also reliably maintaining their responsibilities and commitments to the House, residents begin re-establishing themselves in society and become ready to plan their new way of life. However, there is no rush to leave the House, and residents are encouraged to stay as long as they need. 


In addition to the staff providing hands-on guidance, the sober community is a huge part of ours, with volunteers who help in many ways, including several professionals who run some of our groups during our daily structure here at the House. 


Our approach and philosophy differ from conventional drug treatment centers, as does our accommodation for residents leading a frum lifestyle here in Jerusalem, Israel. In that spirit, our residents are able to focus on their recovery while having the freedom to live a frum Kosher and Shomer Shabbat life. On the other hand, we also do not demand any level of religious behavior. We have residents who are not as observant, and our sole focus is our residents' journey to recovery. All are welcome!

All are welcome.

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