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Image by Josh Appel

Why Free?

This is a question often asked. Why are we free? Given what we offer, we could be charging a reasonable amount, or even an exorbitant amount. 


Many people think we are free in order to target clients who have nowhere else to go, have no family and no money. But this is untrue. 


Our facility is run by a shockingly effective structure, securing a success rate of over 50%, to date. Our facility is not just for those who are at the end of the road, it is, and should be for those at the beginning too.


We have all seen firsthand how the world of recovery comes with substantial cost and how the effectiveness is not reflected in its price tag, in regards to the future of its residents. 


We are free because it is what assures our success. 


Here's how: 

Gratitude: Residents are more inclined to take the program seriously out of gratitude for being given a residential program at no cost, knowing that they owe a debt of gratitude to the community for donating their money to the AZ House. 

Trust: Residents have trust in our skilled staff, knowing that there is no ulterior motive, one that would let a staff member gain from a resident continuing to be there. 


Let's elaborate. By having a grateful attitude, a resident at the AZ House will be more inclined to follow rules, do the work required of him, and learn to be useful. These are all tools that help keep people sober throughout their lives. 


Another thing that allows residents to open their mind to consider sharing and taking actions that they never would otherwise, is trust. They know that we don't gain from them being here, they know that we do not have to do what people in their lives tell us to do, and that in short, we are not influenced by outside opinions or motives of greed and can give them the pure guidance that they deserve. 


Another side reason why we are free. We believe that every struggling addict deserves to get help. The industry has built a very high norm when it comes to pricing, without the expected effectiveness. We also run a program and therefore know how much it costs to run. We want to give the struggling addict a fair choice and a fair chance.


Residents are able to leave our facility equipped with the capability to seek fulfilling employment, a healthy living situation, and a bright future, breaking away from the expected outcome of a sober addict, to live a life surrounded by constant therapy, support. A life of mediocrity at best. 


At the AZ House, we teach our guys to thrive on their own, without needing crutches. 


In turn, when they leave, they have a much easier time in the real world, and therefore there is a lower rate of relapse. 


That's why we're free. We're free for our guys. We're free for our families. We're free because it's the right thing to do. 

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