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Team Members

Executive Staff
Eric Levitz

Eric Levitz

Executive Director

Eric Levitz is the Executive Director at the AZ House, as well as an active pillar in the recovery community.

Brian Surasky

Brian Surasky

Assistant Director

Brian Surasky is a key component at the AZ House, having played the important role of Assistant Director for several years.

Shmuli Weissler

Shmuli Weissler

Director of Outreach

Shmuli Weissler serves as the Director of Outreach, overseeing the various projects that the AZ House does for the community.

Night Staff

Yossi Jakob

Todd Singer

Shimon Itcho

Aaron Fogel

Aharon Mittel

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Athletic Coordinator


Aaron Fogel

Certified Personal Trainer

Advisory Board

Gershon is an accomplished psychotherapist, assisting individuals for many years. Gershon's extensive knowledge and skill in CBT, EFT, Gestalt, and behavioral work have proven successful in helping various cases through psycho-dynamic therapy. In addition, Gershon facilitates therapeutic groups at the AZ House. 


Dr. Jonathan Ringo is CEO of Convergence, a healthcare company. He was previously President of Sinai Hospital of Baltimore and Chief Medical Information Officer at Northwell Health System. He is board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology with awards for research and teaching.

Rabbinical Supervisor

Rabbi Jamie Cowland is the CEO of Justifi, a non-profit in Jerusalem. He has decades of experience in Jewish education and community outreach, previously serving as Director of Education at Aish HaTorah. He is also knowledgeable in addiction recovery.

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