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Sober Living

The Sober Living service at the AZ House is an option for residents who are ready to move on but need help getting their life in Jerusalem, Israel,  started. This service is designed to provide additional support for stable residents who have steady jobs and are involved with the recovery community as they transition to independent living.

During this service, residents can move into sober living apartments in Jerusalem, paying rent and utilities at cost. The AZ House takes care of the Israeli bureaucracy and landlords, making the transition to independent living as smooth as possible. This service is designed to help residents transition to independent living while still having the support of the Jerusalem recovery community and staff.

Residents in this service are free to come and go as they please. Still, they are expected to continue their involvement in the recovery community, attend  Jerusalem AA meetings and maintain a sober lifestyle. This service has no specific time limit, and residents can stay as long as needed.

The Sober Living service is an excellent option for residents ready to move on but needing help getting started. It provides a supportive and structured environment in Israel that allows residents to work towards their goals while remaining connected to the recovery community and the staff at the AZ House.

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