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How Can We Be So Sure?
Our Method of Recovery

We often get asked how we can be so sure that our method works. 


We have only been around for 7.5 years, and it's not like we have a 100% success rate (although it isn't far compared to most places). 

There were times when qualified people strongly suggested that we change certain aspects of our program and we adamantly refused. 


Why? How can we be so sure? I mean, we're not that old, what do we really know?


The answer may shock you. 


The AZ House is a copied model. We did not invent any of the methods we use. There are many centers in the US which have been using this method for over 30 years, without charging anyone a penny and having a high success rate. All we did was use their model, adding to it a friendliness toward the Jewish community, allowing for Jewish men who want to maintain their religious level while working on their chronic addictions to do so. 


We have not tried to reinvent the wheel. If anything, we are holding on to a tried, tested and proven structure while the world around us is circling itself in a frenzy of new and creative treatment center ideas, most of which have a low long term sobriety success rate, without even addressing the mind and money games some of these facilities play with their clients. 

While people are discovering more about addiction and there is more knowledge available, addiction has not actually changed, and what has worked still works. 


So, to answer your question, that is how we can be so sure. The longer we hold onto our mission and our belief, the more it has been proven as the right way to go about addiction recovery. 


All we care about is that people have the opportunity to get better. Addiction is such a hopeless disease, it just won't go away. Families suffer at the hand of an addict, and the addict suffers simultaneously. If there is something that works, what reason do we have not to use it? 


In summary, the AZ House is sure of itself because it has been proven by many institutions for many years. It works and we are lucky to have a part in the recovery of so many precious souls. 

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