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The Underrated Power of Publicity

Why Peer-to-Peer Works

We at the AZ House have been serving the community for the last 7.5 years. 

The unique feature of the AZ House is the fact that it is free for our residents. 


For this reason, countless good people in the community are constantly reaching out to help us in ways that they can. Some people become our donors, and some people find other ways to help. 


The most underrated method, however, is publicity. Sharing what we do with the public allows more people to get involved with us, whether to help us or for us to help them. 


So many people in the world struggle with crippling drug addiction, and so many people are taken advantage of by treatments that are expensive and ineffective. 


Our organization takes personal care of every resident, helping them get back on their feet without owing us a thing. 


Everyone should know about what we do! 


What is an extremely effective approach to helping us get publicity? 


There is a concept called peer-to-peer fundraising, where organizations ask people involved to connect people that they know to the organization, and together, everyone raises funding. The reason that this method is so effective is because of its wide reach. 


Peer-to-peer methods reach as far as the other side of the world! 


The publicity that it creates is unmatched, and as far as fundraising is concerned, doesn't hurt either. 


In summary: One of the easiest and most effective ways to help a non profit is to assist them in a peer to peer initiative, because it isn't about each donation amount, rather each new donor is now a new direction that the non profit has reached. 

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