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Shmuli Weissler

Shmuli Weissler is the Director of Outreach at the AZ House, where he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the team. He was on the way to a promising career in business development management in the hi-tech industry, but decided to redirect his career path to better serve the community.

As Director of Outreach, Shmuli is responsible for reaching out to the community and making himself available to the public for those who need help. He runs the fundraising initiatives, public relations, marketing and social media for the AZ House. He is committed to spreading awareness and educating the public about the resources and services available to those in recovery.

In his down time, you can find Shmuli spending time with his family and helping people in the recovery community. He also works as a career guide for people who are struggling to find their career path. Additionally, he runs a job board where people can go to find new opportunities. Shmuli's dedication to serving the community led him to volunteer at the AZ House for several years before choosing to make it his main occupation.

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