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Brian Surasky

Assistant Director

Brian Surasky is a key component at the AZ House in Jerusalem, Israel, having played the important role of Assistant Director for several years. After joining in Eric's journey, Brian redirected his career path in finance to devote himself and his talents to helping people in the Jewish community have another chance at life. 

Brian has a special ability to build trust and connection with the residents at the AZ House in Jerusalem, and he continues to maintain those relationships even after they move on. He makes time for them regardless of where they are in their lives, caring for every person who wants help. Brian also takes care of administrative reponsibilities at the house. 

In his free time, you will find Brian studying, playing professional football, or coaching a high school football team in Jerusalem, Israel. 

Brian's clear thinking and belief in doing the right thing, combined with his portfolio of skills and experience make him a huge part of the AZ House. He is committed to the mission of this Jerusalem based program and has dedicated his life to making a positive impact on the lives of those in recovery. 

Brian Surasky
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