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Eric Levitz

Executive Director

Eric Levitz is the Executive Director at the AZ House in Jerusalem, Israel, as well as an active pillar in the Jerusalem recovery community. After seeing the rise of drug addiction all over the world and in the Jewish community, Eric took it upon himself to start the AZ House in Israel, providing treatment with a full scholarship, and pushed his career as a chef to the side in order to help the community. Eric has served as the Executive Director at the AZ House since its inception in 2016. 

Eric is well known as someone who will do anything to help people struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism, not only in Jerusalem, Israel. He has gone above and beyond for countless individuals, empowering and supporting them in their recovery. 

His skills and passion as a chef have not gone to waste, as he uses his culinary skills to help the residents prepare amazing meals for themselves. 

In his free time, you can find Eric with his wife Temima, with his close friends, or putting work into any of various hobbies that he loves to do all over Israel. 

Eric's strong passion to give and to help the community has resulted in a huge group of former AZ House residents who continue to stick together as happy, stable and sober members of Israeli society. These wonderful people are active in the Jerusalem community too, furthering the goal of the AZ House. Eric's dedication and leadership has been instrumental in the success of this program and his impact on hundreds of lives is undeniable. 

Eric Levitz
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