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Why Recovery Works?
Why do recovery tools work?



Recovery tools are designed to make the life of a struggling addict manageable.

People use substances addictively because they are missing the skills to do certain basic things which ensure a life that can be managed.

Recovery skills give people the ability to have a good life with success and love. This allows for a struggling addict not to struggle with substances anymore because, with these new tools, they can face their life struggles with panache when the worst day is still far more manageable than a day of relapse.

However, how well do these skills work? Do they work in all scenarios?

The short answer is yes, they do. The long answer is that they work in any scenario to make life manageable. However, they don’t necessarily fix complex problems, which is why plenty of great tools are found in other therapeutic structures.

Let’s give an example in real-time.
Today, being that we are located in Israel and we are a Jewish program, there has been an emotional strain based on the recent heartbreaking events for close to two months.

Many people have handled this time with grace, and there are those, too, who have struggled because of it.

The same tools that were taught to deal with life, when applied to this, have proven to be very helpful for people who want to go through this properly.

Here are some of the tools:
1. Talking to someone.
2. Praying and inviting God into the situation.
3. Reach out to people to see if they are okay.
4. Finding ways to help the cause.
5. Maintaining a healthy balance of regular life.
6. Processing their feelings, alone or with guidance.

Although to some, these may be obvious, to the struggling addict, they are not, and practicing these tools is the difference between coming out of the war proud or coming out of it in grave emotional pain.


Recovery works for what it is - recovery from addiction.

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